Yes we did! We couldn't wait any longer to make it official so we ran off to St. Lucia and got married! We spent a great deal of time thinking how nice a traditional wedding would be, however, eloping to St. Lucia is a fairy tale in its own and proved too irresistable. We became husband and wife on Monday May 20th atop a hill in between St. Lucia's trademark Piton Mountains, with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. Those of you that had mentioned the thought of eloping when you get married, now know why we burst into an ear-to-ear smile when you mentioned it. Of course we wish that you could have shared this special time with us, but trust that you were there in mind and spirit.

In an effort to get the good news out quickly, we setup this site pretty hastily. So apart from polishing it up, we'll also be adding some nice pictures of St. Lucia soon. (We actually brought the laptop to St. Lucia and were supposed to post these pictures and video a day or two after the wedding, but it was difficult to find time to work on a website while in paradise!) Click on a link below to view a clip of the ceremony and/or photos. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Elizabeth & Gaspar